Wednesday, December 31, 2008

One last thought on 08!

So here are a few thoughts and reflections on 2008.

*Obama- Thanks to everyone who voted for a change!!! Its a pretty big hole that we're in from the past 8 years, but Obama is looking good so far. Man it sure was fun watching the republican party maneuver.

* Oilgate-in the 70's we had Watergate, for sure there will be some good stories in the future that will explain the oil prices per barrel from $60/b upwards to $150 and down to $37. Funny thing with freight charges and airlines charging extra, so far they have not removed any of these Bush retirement package I figure.

* Bailouts???great..extending credit and putting consumers in debt is what got us into this mess.
GM-Ford-they started sucking in my opinion after the 60's. Ford Pinto, Taurus, K car, Nova, Escort. yup my parents had a couple of these when I was growing up! I still think the 67 Mustang Fastback is the coolest car on the planet. I wonder how much of a rebate it would take for me to buy one?? $10k, $20k,..nope..for me I think it would have to be around $25-30K. Probably never know, I'll just have to pay for the bailout in some way for sure in the future.

* Media sucks! I think they are one of the biggest reasons the US is floating in the crapper..I consider the financial terrorism that they are promoting crippled everyone. They just groan endlessly about housing foreclosures, consumer spending being down, oil prices, fear, etc. Turn off the TV and go ride I say!!

* Masters Track Nationals- can't complain, highlights was the TTT going up against Bostick, I raced against him in 87-88 when he was a legend. We had a great team and smoked our PR during training. Thanks to everyone who helped get it here in our back yard and congrats to everyone who raced.

*Hopefully no more back surgery in 09!

*Thankful for people who get that Spain produces some kick ass wine! There really is no rival for the quality for price ratio. People are starting to get it...

*** Most of all thankful for the little Rylee that is very healthy and the best thing ever. If I had a dollar for every tom, dick, and harry who told me.."say good bye to sleep..or your life is never going to be the same" well she would have one big fat college savings. Thanks for all the family & friends that really supported us and helped. 

Having her is the best thing that happened to me. One smile a day is all I need today I got two.

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Whoo ville. look who just moved in.

Holy crap, I was pretty pessimistic about getting an owl to move in to the house I bought Tracey last year.
I went to the tree today, thought I'd take a look and see if I could pretty it up with hopes of attracting an owl. I read the manual on installation last year, it didn't say anything about getting your girlfriend on the chainsaw, but oh well sometimes you just have to get creative.

I opened the box and saw these big amber eyes looking at me..I almost fell off the frickin ladder.

What to do next??? get a camera, take a picture and never bug the little owl again.

Monday, October 20, 2008

East meets West- MSTS Bikes for Kids event.

This weekend we were riding, eating and drinking like there was no recession, no war, gas prices were $1.65/gal, Dow was 10,000 and Clinton was the president. ahhh the good old days!

 Shawn Oliver pulled off another great charity event for Bikes for Kids. We started off making it to the ride not so fashionablly late. Good group of friends that I haven't seen for tons of moons. The ride had its share of drama as all group rides, flats, bumps and bruises, etc.  All is well.

The dinner on the other hand, what a party! I started going to Bikes for Kids event 4 years ago, then I was there on a cold wet December day and helped give the little kids the bikes. Seeing them light up when they get to pick a bike was pretty cool.

Phipps our Masters 35 climbing superstar collected all the wining$$'s & t-shirts we picked up for the year and donated it for the kids.  Then the auction started when the wine and lobster boil started to kick in. This year I did have a little hangover, but didn't have.."ohh I shouldn't have bought that" hangover. Good thing I had a breathalizer on the bidding paddle.

My guess is the Bikes for Kids-Morgan Stanley event has raised over 500 bikes over the years. 

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Astana is the Dope!

I just heard the news... Vino, love that part. Wants to come back. Thats just what cycling needs..

I think this all time team would be great, and why don't they get Amgen as a sponsor so they can get a Bro deal?? Top fuel!


Johan or Riis pretty equal.

Tricky Beltran

The Brother Schlecks are next to take a fall. Transfering $10,000 is alot to pay Fuentes for intervals.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Palin supporter recently wrote a bit...

"I knew you would take down my comment, pussy liberal bitch. Just like liberals, tolerant with their views, but not others".

Thanks , this is most excellent!

I suck at bike racing too:)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Woman of the Year...please vote.

PBS is doing a poll which asks if Sarah Palin is qualified to be VP. The right wing has organized a yes campaign--and currently the YES vote is leading in the poll.

Translation: Sarah Palin's competence as a powerful woman and a world leader is currently WINNING an N.O.W poll. N.O.W.. that's the National Organization of Women... Champions of choice, equal pay, women's health and other issues that Palin doesn't give a hoot about...
Please take a few seconds, go to: Vote NO!

thank you,

Monday, September 8, 2008

TTT- Golden ride & one Hell of a year.

Cliff notes:
We busted a 4:40 for the 4k for gold.
A couple of weeks ago the Special kids did one of these 4:40's I was stunned and amazed with that time. Plus they looks so damn fast!
Fahey showed up with his A game, Dan Smith has been riding great since we called him up to the team after a Special shuffle, Metcalf was on fire all week and always gets us rolling into those 22's, and I needed to ride smart...

I heard there were a bet being placed on the Amgen guys, Tracey always has my back!. They were out gunned today, but kept us focused and when we saw the likes of Bostick and Thurlow coming to Hellyer. Fahey & I thought it would be really cool to be standing one step up from those cycling legends. You kids out there may be familiar with Thurlow, but for me I remember reading Winning magazine before the internet and endless articles about Bostick's TTT's. I did see him in action in 1988 at the Olympic trials and it was impressive.

Bored yet??

Tracey knows splits like no other, this morning when she was getting ready for work she says" do you get much draft in the start?" I think you left a second there...this track stuff is a total different language. Tracey has been soooo supportive of the TTT and the TT this season. Long days and nights at the track are coming to an end. It was a really great vib to have the nationals here and us locals gather so many medals.

Nationals will never be the same. Thank you Rick, Warren, Peter, Simmons and everyone else that helped, sponsored, or just came and cheered.

Got some vino to sell,